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A spike in sales performance in the 60s, the explanation for which is on our website. We achieved a 38% rise in sales performance.

Transglobe Animation Services (TAS) Co., Ltd. provides each of its clients with an exceptional marketing project by integrating animation clips with dynamic texts and graphs.
Our primary business is filmmaking that expresses a subtle implicit idea or concept so that the viewer can clearly understand.

Our clients range from small startups to large enterprises, and they are all eager to let us unleash our creativity and attain their objectives by all means possible, as well as listen to our ideas to achieve shared collaboration.
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    Our aim
    Our aim is to fully elevate each idea, product, and corporate potential of our partners. We are proud to completely maximize the possibilities of our clients’ unique ideas.
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    Our vision
    Our vision is to influence the world through visual communications.
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    Our dream
    Our dream is for TAS to become sought out by businesses and individuals that need explanatory clips. We hope to show the world great animation clips and the impressive achievements of the Indonesia-led team.
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    Our services
    Our services consist of providing communications via visual expressions, with explanatory filmmaking being our primary business. We aim to attract and captivate an audience that appreciates our accomplishments by providing trendy animation worth repeated views.
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    Our belief
    We believe in making optimal services available to our clients and becoming an internationally renowned business that is constantly improving its services. We will continue to recruit professionals with exceptional competence to uphold the same vision and cultural ideas.
    The TAS team is young, dynamic, and creative and is committed to constant advances and continuous learning in pursuit of perfection.

Our motivation is not only the vast profits for each of our clients but also the optimal returns of the investment.
If you are considering launching your company and attracting new clients through explanatory films, let us be your ideal partner for a promising tomorrow.

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