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Throughout the project, a project manager responsible for planning and arranging your affairs and schedule will be at your service.
The length of each project depends on such factors as how fast you offer us the data, proofreading time, time given for changes, etc.
Please inform us if you require early completion of your project due to any specific cause. We will provide you with the help you need without delay. Thank you!

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    Style (Genre) survey /

    You explain your demands with regard to film style and genre to a specific staff member.

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    Script writing /

    The script is written in accordance with the demands for the style.
    Any issue will be submitted or discussed again during this phase.

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    Mimic board setup /

    A mimic board is developed once the script is confirmed.

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    Storyboard setup and dubbing /

    Once completing the preliminary operations, the storyboard and dubbing are completed.

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    Filmmaking /

    Before the filmmaking begins, the final version of the storyboard must be approved by the client.

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    Video clip completion /

    Both the footage and dubbing are completed.

Please feel free to contact us with any question or for any explanations. Contact Us